CDL Federal Gun Law

Because of the questionable subject: “Can CDL Truck Drivers Carry Guns?”, I have investigated and found the Federal Law that so many are searching for. Understand what the genuine Federal Law states about this point to settle it, unequivocally! Given by Truth About Trucking….


Could a CDL at any point transporter lawfully convey a weapon in the truck? This is an exceptionally HOT subject! In my past article, “CDL Truck Drivers Carrying Guns,” much discussion was made on the grounds that nothing could be found 5.56 ammo for sale  anyplace showing any Federal Law expressing that it against the law against the law to convey. I have called attention to that there is NO Federal Law saying that it is unlawful, just city, province and state regulations that make it against the law to do as such, as well as strategies set out by the engine transporter. I have found the genuine Federal Law uncovering the understanding regarding this matter, recorded beneath:


Title 18 Setcion 926(a). The peacable excursion regulation.






Part 44- – FIREARMS


Sec. 926A. Highway transportation of guns


Despite some other arrangement of any regulation or any standard or guideline of a State or any political development thereof, any individual who isn’t generally precluded by this section from moving, delivering, or getting a gun will be qualified for transport a gun for any legitimate reason from where he may legally have and convey such gun to whatever other spot where he may legally have and convey such gun if, during such transportation the gun is dumped, and neither the gun nor any ammo being shipped is promptly open or is straightforwardly available from the traveler compartment of such moving vehicle: Provided, That on account of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the gun or ammo will be contained in a locked holder other than the glove compartment or control center.


OK…now that we have the Federal Law on this, what’s the significance here? I would agree that that you could give this to 50 lawyers, and every one of the 50 would decipher it in an unexpected way! I accept what it is talking about, is my message in my past articles….a CDL driver might convey a weapon in the truck with the person in question, PROVIDING that it disregards no other STATE regulation, in which the driver will go through. In this manner my point again…city, district and state regulations might be the anticipation for CDL transporters to convey weapons…


Help me out drivers….what do you suppose now?


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